Why connect Sales Department with Production

How Epoptia MES can help

When it comes to manufacturing, the speed and efficiency of the production are vital to the output rate, as they affect the business’ future profits. Having an inadequate process can immensely reduce the manufacturing performance, but with a Sales – Production connection, you can empower your business and skyrocket your production. Connecting the Sales department with Production is something that was adopted in the 1990s by many US companies who were then taking their first steps towards lean production. Adopting a lean manufacturing philosophy meant that they would focus on minimizing waste within manufacturing systems, while simultaneously maximizing productivity. In the turbulent and complex business environments, manufacturers can greatly benefit from taking up a lean direction and opting for a sales and production connection. The perks of such an action are numerous and they include the following:

  • The planning of orders is done in a very short time, instead of days or even weeks and often by a single person.
  • Orders are no longer put on hold, abandoned or even lost.
  • The enterprises can pursue and accept orders with clear and specific knowledge of the capabilities of the production system.

At the same time, it deals with two important issues:

  • Eliminates rushes that create confusion in the smooth flow of production.
  • Acts as a safeguard against periodic sales spikes, such as that of the bonus system to groups of salespeople who have no real knowledge of, nor interest in, the capabilities of the production system.

Epoptia MES inextricably connects the Sales and Production department

Together with ERPs, it constitutes the company’s electronic information management system where accessibility to information is possible from everywhere.

All stakeholders can see the overall workload, access  key performance indicators and have a clear picture of production capacity. This results in manufacturers reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction, an increase in production output and also in profits.

More specifically,

  • It saves time since the orders appear directly in the production.
  • The sales department can update production about any modifications, which then appear automatically in production.
  • With two-way communication, the amount of materials that have been used in production is automatically updated each time on the ERP. (Automated consumptions)
  • Valuable information is fed back to the ERP, such as at what stage the order is at any given time.
  • It returns estimated completion time, which is relative to what the sales department have promised to the client.
  • It gathers information about costs better since it has access to the actual operation time per workstation & in total as well.

In addition, since Epoptia MES has committed to continuous improvement, in a couple of months, its users will enjoy the benefits of various novel features. One of them is that they will have access to the estimated delivery time, while they will be able to test Mock order entries and receive delivery time suggestions.

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