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EXETECH was founded in 2007 and has been offering SOFTONE software until today. The provision of professional services by experienced and qualified staff ensures the smooth and timely implementation of the projects undertaken by EXETECH, starting from the planning, development, support and maintenance of each information system.
The company has offices in Athens

The specialization in the specific software results in the quality and immediate support of its customers, while building strong relationships of trust and cooperation.
Its continuous upward trajectory over the years shows, that its commitment to the above is recognized by its customers – partners, but also by SOFTONE,
which, having over 600 representatives, ranks it in the top 10 and in fact in the highest tier which is the Premium Partners!

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 36 Ethnarchou Makariou, Peristeri, 12132

Tel.: 210 – 5710455-6


Semantic Computing was founded in 1997. The main volume of its work is the development of Business Software (ERP) and the Computerization of medium and large enterprises. It has hundreds of facilities nationwide. It has developed a nationwide network of representatives which is constantly growing and expanding.
The company has offices in Athens, Thessaloniki & Veria

The company manufactures software in a professional manner following strict development and manufacturing processes that guarantee robust products with great adaptability. With the Know-How of all modern technologies, it develops and continuously upgrades its products.

Semantic’s technical team consists of experienced mechanical engineers and programmers. With deep knowledge of the manufacturing technology of its products.

It provides high-level technical support with immediate response to both its resellers and its end customers, while they undertake the execution of large projects that require specialized know-how.

E-mail: [email protected]

Athens Address: 17 Syn/cho Davaki, Kallithea, PO Box 176 72

Tel.: 211 – 8004182

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Address of Thessaloniki: Marinou Antipa 41
(Infoquest Business Center), Pylaia, TK 555 35

Tel.: 231 – 5558323

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Veria address: Kentrikis 146, PO Box 59 100

Tel.: 2331 – 028974


IS COMPUTER has been active since 1994 in the field of Trading Business Software (EPSILON NET - UNISOFT), Production and Trading of Electronic Computers, , Network Installation, Provision of technical services and PC repairs while also offering full support in software, computer and network matters.
The company has offices in Sindo Thessaloniki

It has experienced and specialized staff, both in ERP matters and in technical facilities, thus providing comprehensive coverage of the needs of each business.

The result of the long-term experience in matters of business software, but also technical support of computers, is the set of integrated projects in companies of various branches such as Production, Trade, Catering, Service, etc.
The company’s philosophy is the continuous monitoring of developments, always aiming at the training of its executives,
in order to offer each project the best possible result.
The strategic partnership with the leading business software company Epsilon Net, in conjunction with Epoptia, guarantees
certain result.

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Chrysostomou Smyrni 11 Sindos 57400

Tel.: 2310-799411


DATUM Business Solutions has been active since 2004 in the field of IT and in particular in the areas of Implementation of Integrated Solutions and Applications, Provision of Products and Services, Provision of Value Added Services, and Consulting Services.
The company has offices in Athens and Patras

Firmly committed to modern technologies, it monitors developments in the field and undertakes the design, implementation and maintenance of Integrated IT Systems with professionalism and consistency.

DATUM’s human resources are made up of executives distinguished for their professionalism, many years of experience and technical knowledge, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the projects undertaken and using the latest technological developments.

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 220 Syngrou Ave. Smyrni, 17121 Tel.: 210-9316100

163 Ag.Andreou & Miaouli Patra, 26222 Tel.: 2610-624100


Infosector was founded in 2005 by software engineers who have been active in the field since 1990 and specializes in the study, design and development of business resource management software & business size analysis. With business research methods, the company provides comprehensive proposals by studying processes and providing solutions by applying the necessary technologies in combination
The company has offices in Heraklion Crete

Through an extensive study and analysis of business needs, Infosector has now established itself as a pioneer company in improving the infrastructure and modernizing demanding businesses.

Being at the cutting edge of developments, the company studies operating procedures and critical financial figures and, using the software as a platform, rearranges the operations of a company (Business Process Reengineering).

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Filellinon 8, Heraklion Crete, 71307

Tel.: 2810-327452


The business objective of THINX INFORMATION SOLUTIONS is to form a strong team, which with its knowledge and experience provides integrated combined solutions in business computerization, which are a competitive advantage and give a new perspective to development of these.
The company has offices in Thessaloniki

The company responds to large projects, designs and produces specialized software products, designs and implements integrated GDPR compliance solutions, supplies businesses with tools, processes, methods and consulting information.

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 50 Papanikolaou Street, 570 10 Thessaloniki (Pefka)

Tel.: 2310 638 030, 675 376, 638 011



Yinghangjinke (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. is a digital transformation company headquartered in Beijing, China. We provide enterprise-level business and technology consulting services to growing enterprise and large-scale companies. The foundation of our consulting experiences is from implementing complex ERP systems across diverse industries. We help our customers maintain their competitive advantage by reducing their technology costs and leveraging their core competencies.

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