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Epoptia MES Software

Smart manufacturing based on the Industry 4.0 standard.

Digital era

We follow the standards of future manufacturing by upgrading the industries we refer to. At the same time, we maintain the existed functionality of the business and adapt to it.

Advanced technology

We take advantage of the connectivity and the agility that the internet offers and we provide innovative software to our clients.


Quality and robustness are factors highly important to us. We want Epoptia MES software to be the most reliable and trusted tool for our clients.

Customer support

We understand the needs of industries and we provide our customers with analytic videos and complete documentation.

Our history

We have deep know-how and experience in the field of manufacturing. We invested the experience of 16 years in order to provide the best tool for production line management.

The company was founded in January 2018. Epoptia MES software has been developed in order to manage complex production lines with guaranteed results.

  • Management enhancement 90% 90%
  • Production management 90% 90%
  • Production automation 80% 80%
  • Staff management 70% 70%
Spiridon Tsikopoulos

Spiridon Tsikopoulos


Instigator and original creator of Epoptia MES software. Automation engineer with a master’s degree in Applied Informatics. 8 years production manager and 2 years general manager, in production line management of discrete manufacturing.

Ioannis Savvaidis

Ioannis Savvaidis

Co Founder

A dynamic entrepreneurial spirit with 8 years of experience in industrial automation and deep know-how. Participating in the research and development of innovative, world-class industrial products.

Team Member 1

Team Member 1

Company Role

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