Face crisis with Epoptia MES

How it can help you survive an economic downturn

High inflation and rising recession risks have made manufacturers feel rather uneasy these past years. Even though the manufacturing industry has proven to be remarkably resilient through multiple crises, there always seem to be darker clouds on the horizon. Nevertheless, there is always a viable solution if one searches enough. Especially now, amidst the industry 4.0 with manufacturers wanting to push towards their digital transformation, plentiful solutions have presented themselves. Epoptia MES (Manufacturing Execution System) can help you face any crisis overcome the  adversities brought upon by an economic downturn and become more competitive. Are you wandering how? Epoptia MES can be a great asset for your manufacturing business and its many benefits can take your shop floor towards the digital era in a simple and stress-free manner.

Digitalization of your production processes and centralized information

Epoptia helps you adopt a lean thinking in your manufacturing business and optimize your production processes. It keeps the workstations in virtual flow and ensures continuous flow. That is why it has assisted a multifold of manufacturers to accurately plan their production, improve their  processes and meet their goals. How is that? Epoptia uses Pull Production system for the shop floor, both regarding the demand from customer orders, but also between the various production stages. In other words, the operators of a subsequent station will not start work unless it has been completed by the previous ones. This ensures that the work is done when it really can be done. That leads to:

  • More room for customization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Less waste

Continuous improvement and greater control of your production

By implementing a MES system, like Epoptia, your production can greatly benefit from it, since you can then start identifying your factory’s strengths and weaknesses and face any adversities. This is essential if you wish to enforce a continuous improvement strategy and to know the real impact of corrective actions on the organization’s productivity and efficiency. It helps you gain valuable insight into your business and you are provided with a roadmap for where to work for improvements.

More specifically, take capacity planning, Epoptia’s new upcoming feature, for instance. It fully integrates with your ERP to transform your capacity planning into actionable steps and skyrocket your manufacturing process. If you seek to establish a seamless workflow in your manufacturing enterprise, capacity planning is a vital step towards achieving it. With a capacity planning software, you can get an overview of your capacity and:

  • Accurately schedule production
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts & eliminate bottlenecks
  • Measure capacity utilization & use the data to improve your processes

Better efficiency, productivity and savings in your production

One of the most common problems in today’s manufacturing companies is human error, which causes 23% of unplanned downtime in the manufacturing industry, almost 2.5 times higher than in other industries. Apart from this, other errors like downtimes, production losses or even non-conformities can present themselves. In addition, this waste is compounded by unnecessary wastage of paper and hours spent filling out documents.

One of the benefits of implementing a MES system, like Epoptia, that acts proactively, is that you can eliminate 100% of the paper used for record keeping. That is, you can benefit from cost reductions, continuous improvement and lean initiatives. It enforces rules to error-proof your manufacturing processes and helps provide a complete electronic trail of all manufacturing activity. In a nutshell, it promotes:

  • Optimized production scheduling
  • Better reporting and KPI tracking
  • Better traceability
  • Shorter lead times
  • Less human error

Epoptia increases your production efficiency, maximizes asset utilization and reduces scrap and waste. To add to that, your production quality improves and all these lead to a substantial rise in customer satisfaction.

Collect data from everywhere with Epoptia MES

Epoptia MES plays a fundamental role in the digital transformation process. It is a comprehensive software system that optimizes manufacturing operations and production efficiency by handling complex manufacturing systems. No matter the industry that your company operates in, it can benefit from gathering reliable, real-time information on all the manufacturing processes that take place in your shop floor.

Epoptia MES helps you better control your production processes and with real-time monitoring you can improve multiple elements, such as personnel, machines and even support services. This can be done by collecting data about product genealogy, performance, traceability, material management, work in progress (WIP) and other activities as they take place. Then, this information allows you to better understand the current settings of your production and better optimize the process. Knowledge is power and it uses any information available to optimize your production process (See Epoptia features here: https://epoptia.com/mes-features). That is, it can collect data from:

  • PLC – Machines
  • Instruments
  • Employees
  • Sensors

Are you a manufacturer who still hasn’t taken a step towards digital transformation? It’s never too late to make a fresh start and focus on new energy to accomplish your goals as an organization. The key to succeeding is constant improvement and change and together we can face any kind of crisis!

For more information, check https://bit.ly/3vYnb4f.

High inflation and rising recession risks have made manufacturers feel rather uneasy these past years. Even though the manufacturing industry has proven remarkably resilient through multiple crises, there always seem to be darker clouds on the horizon. 𝐄𝐩𝐨𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐚 𝐌𝐄𝐒 can help you overcome the adversities brought upon by an economic downturn and become more competitive. Are you wandering how?

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