Grow With Confidence

Tracking software for metal construction companies

Throw out paper & transform into a digital factory

Mes for job shop manufacturers

Connect TEKLA or similar designers

Start tracking in minutes

3 Simple Steps

Exctract your projects in excel

Extract every single product that needs to be manufactured right from your structural designing software

import to epoptia mes

Make sure you fulfil the appropriate columns at the excel template of the software

set up tablets

Set up your workstations and assign tablets. Operators will see the products of each project per workstation.

Manufacturers using Epoptia MES

Guide your operators

Digital work instructions

Drawings & Images

Insert the proper drawing right from your PC.

Specifications & BOMs

Display the proper characteristics & bill of materials to your workstations

Comments & Guidelines

Provide specific guidelines and comment to your operators

Real-time Production Insights

Access your production from everywhere, with any device

Track your production orders and detect delays

See the status of your resources

Services for our customers

Project Analysis

The way you work is our guidelines

Parametirization & Setup

Software setup based on your needs

Startup & Commissioning

On site visits and training

Transform Into a Data-Driven Enterprise