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Epoptia MES is very sophisticated software that fits perfectly in manufacturing companies with 20-60 employees per production & Epoptia instance.

Is a complete platform with state-of-the-art technology providing a solution to various problems and expectations, not only tracking.

There are some types of manufacturers that might find Epoptia enticing, but if your business is functioning in the way described below, you might find Epoptia easy for the operators but time-consuming for the executives:

  • Receive orders every day by phone, or email, or by physical presentation of your client to your premises and you draw sketches to papers while receiving them. After that, you put this “paper-sketch” into production.
  • You are making custom-made products with minimum standardization. (Refer mainly to small machine shop type manufacturers)
  • You have low complexity in processes and you don’t need sophisticated workflows.
  • You only want to have Tracking control i.e. The product passed through those production processes.
  • You want to send orders to specific people and only want to know if they are ready.
  • You don’t have any ERP/MRP production experience, you use Excel for your inventory and you do not want to use any of them, in the near future.
  • You don’t need any extra integration like IoT
  • You don’t need extra information to be taken from your operators, except that the job is ready.

If you meet all of the above requirements Epoptia MES is not for you.

Manufacturers with another type of functionality than the above, or Enterprises who already use ERP/MRP, are MES ready and may require a more integrated system, depending on their specific needs.

One of the biggest advantages of Epoptia is its proven ease of use.

The software has been developed inside production, with the help of the operators for more than 7 years. This is why operators need only 15-20 minutes of training in order to start using Epoptia MES.

Executives need more training time, but the interface is modern and user friendly. Also, dashboards contain concise and to the point information for everyday use.

As far as the integration concerns, there are many factors that affect the volume of integration into existing production processes. One of these, it is the efficient cooperation between supplier and client. Nevertheless, we have put our whole experience in manufacturing in order for the software to be agile and cover the most possible cases.

We have already successfully integrated with lots of manufacturing companies of different types.

The software has been developed in order to help manufacturers grow their businesses and transform their production into a data-driven enterprise. At the same time, they are entering Industry 4.0 era in the easiest possible way, with seamless communication between multiple levels of the organization.

The main functionality even from the “Basic” plan is Production tracking, management, and control with extensive capabilities.

Yes, we do.

Click here to see implementation guidelines.

It is just a guide to give you an idea of our team’s approach.

Yes, Epoptia is suitable for custom-made products too.

In terms of planning and scheduling for productions with ONLY custom-made products, there is also a capability of a manual insert of nominal cycle times that are used in our dashboards.

Epoptia Workstation is not only a machine, or an operator. 

Is hybrid depending on your procedures and other factors.

Click here to see what is an Epoptia Workstation.

With the agility of the Cloud the only equipment that you may need is tablets, or existing PCs, or even smartphones that have access to the internet.

No extra equipment is required for the main use of Epoptia. If you want to use extra functionalities you may use printers, barcode readers, sensors, etc….

Epoptia MES cannot be downloaded.

It is a Cloud-based platform and everything is working properly in the Cloud. For the clients that need extra customizations and there is a need for On-Premise installation, please contact us.

In the above case, you will need a Server machine as equipment.

Yes, you can use Epoptia.

We have a complete work order system, where you can insert products, specs and we use custom fields as a Bill of materials.

But keep in mind that we do not have capabilities as an actual ERP system. (Inventory, Procurement, CRM, Sales, Invoicing, etc…)

Epoptia is a specialized MES that cooperates bidirectional with ERP systems and other peripherals.

In other words, it extends ERP capabilities.

Basic Plan

This is the minimum you can get from Epoptia Cloud MES, which provides 100% Production Traceability, Execution, Management & Control in Real-Time.

There is nothing that is missing from the above functionality. You can have your files, specifications, alarms, products, and total control of your production in the Cloud.

Provides ERP Synchronization with API connection, which allows you to integrate your existing procedures, eliminate papers in the production, spread the tasks into production automatically via our workflows, and keep track of your BOMs with their actual quantities (Sending back to ERP is coming soon via Webhooks).

Moreover, extensive organization & management capabilities are provided along with a state-of-the-art system that informs you if the everyday workload can be achieved with the use of a Machine Learning Algorithm.

There are extra capabilities for data entry inside the production like comments or photos, and special settings for proper distribution of the ΒΟΜ’s to the workstations. Also, there is an extra type of custom field that provides Quality Contol for procedures and products during production.

You also can manage your trucks by organizing cargos with a special system. While a complete permission system for your users and shift management let Epoptia interact with your stuff and detect downtimes. 

Pro Plan

With this plan, you are getting Advanced Capacity Planning & Scheduling and Business Intelligence.

You can also set your nominal cycle times per product per workstation in order to see the differences from reality. Set those target times to workstations and let Epoptia indicate operators for their performance. At any time you can let Epoptia provide target times when it passes its learning phase. Optimizing your production productivity.

Check out your KPI’s such as OEE (Performance, Availability, Quality) in real-time per day and in a historical date range.

Schedule your production with the use of Gantt charts, detect bottlenecks instantly with graphics and notifications, be more agile, and spread workload easily. Get an estimation about work orders completion date, that as the system gets smarter they are getting more precise.

Make capacity planning utilizing your resources to the maximum.

BI uses a complete reporting suite that includes:

  • Operator reports
  • Workstation reports
  • Factory reports
  • Alarm & Downtime reports
  • Product cycle times reports

Extend your integration with API Connection. Use our documentation and special custom fields and record measurements like weighting or acquire machine start & stops. You can also connect sensors and make compare rules for off-limit alarms. 

In any of the above plans, we welcome you into the Industry 4.0 era.

Click here to see our plans.

Yes, Epoptia can be installed on your premises. 

Contact us for more information.

Yes, we do. 

Epoptia MES collaborates with professional integrators & consulting companies.

If you are interested in a partnership with Epoptia MES, please fill in the form by clicking here.

Starting Point

Firstly you should give it a try. 

Click here to open an account and do not forget to choose “Demo data insert”. We strongly recommend it.

If you have already opened an account without demo data, you can insert them from the ” Control Panel -> Production tab -> Upload Demo Data”.

Just use the demo data to understand the logic. It will save you a lot of time.

You can find briefly how to start in our Knowledge base in the Getting Started section.

Watch the video with a brief tour of the Basic plan and different scenarios of production processes with best practices of workstation selection.

Once you really understand how the system works you will be ready to make a Test run for your own production processes.

Of course!

Click here for a step by step tutorial for a successful test with the use of demo data

By following the steps, you will understand how the system works.

Yes, you can either clear or upload demo data at any time and only when you are in the Test mode.

Go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Production tab -> Hit the button “Empty Database.”

Security & Support

You don’t have anything to worry about! 

We have taken care of everything for you. An encrypted & secure connection and uninterrupted availability with uptime 99.9%. (Of course, we have some regularly planned maintenances.)

Certifications and the latest security standards are applied to the whole platform. 

We have dedicated servers and as far as your files and drawings are concerned, they are protected by the power of Amazon (AWS).

Backups every day!

We perform everyday backups for every one of our clients, which we can retrieve if needed.

Only a few authorized personnel have access to our dedicated servers for maintenance and support reasons.

We access your database only on an ‘as-needed’ basis, and only with your approval. 

The platform is for you and only and has been developed so no one can see your passwords or retrieve files (Even us). They are encrypted!

Not to mention that when you open an account you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. From this point, we are committed to an “NDA”!

If you have started a subscription and cooperated with one of our partners, you should refer to the partner.

Contact us via the contact form, or submit a ticket by visiting our Knowledge Base by clicking here.

Our Knowledge Base provides complete information for the use of the platform with analytical documentation and video tutorials.

We also provide SLAs for Enterprises.

Planning & Scheduling

The software provides all the necessary information for efficient production scheduling.

You manage work priorities inside production with drag & drops.

Gantt Chart and Calendar tools are provided for workload management and bottleneck detection per workstation in real-time and work order delivery estimation.

No, Epoptia is not an MRP software. We integrate with ERP/MRP softwares!

As far as MRP II, we are one of the most efficient platforms for Scheduling chronologically your production.

Yes! Epoptia is using Machine Learning algorithms.

They are used in:

  • The calculation of the actual lead times per workstation per product.
  • The calculation of the target times, provided to the operators.

And this is only the beginning…

Our R&D department invests in delivery times optimization, cost estimation, preventive maintenance etc… Our goal is Autonomous planning!

Prediction is a complex matter with unique requirements for everyone. 

This is why we are investing in Personalized Artificial Intelligence for Prediction Purposes!

We are following standards delivered by one of the biggest Consulting companies in the world. Collecting information from suppliers and purchase orders to production and delivery.

In the end. Yes, Epoptia is using AI for personalized projects.

(In the meantime, if we discover something in common for manufacturing, you will have it)

Integration & IoT

Yes, of course. 

We have an API and a complete section in our Knowledge base.

Click here to check out the section.

Yes, you can.

We use Webhooks, where you can configure what and when is sent back to the ERP. 

Check out the article.

We are Industrial IoT ready.

You can do it with our API.

Our system provides extensive capabilities, such as off-limit controls, production performance, verifications, alarms & downtimes. (Awesome!)

Check out the documentation.

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Real-Time Monitoring

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Exclusive videos & credentials will land in your inbox for future use.

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