Epoptia MES: The Greek Startup That Helps Manufacturers Grow

Production Monitoring, Management & Control for Assembly Manufacturers

Despite adversity, recession and crisis, manufacturing has shown that it can be extremely resilient. Dozens of companies are finding opportunities and taking their place in global value chains, having to face another big challenge, that of growth. However, there are limitations that act as a “brake” and do not allow manufacturers to feel ready to grow their business. Firstly, it is the lack of ability to fully control their production. Manufacturers do not know the real cost of production and its real productivity. In addition, the production process relies 100% on the human factor and experience. Finally, there is often a lack of direction for a sustainable digital transformation journey.

Undoubtedly, Industry 4.0 is an asset for manufacturers and can benefit production to the fullest, as manufacturers can gradually identify the strengths and weaknesses of their factory and deal with any adversities. This is essential if they wish to implement a continuous improvement strategy and know the real impact of corrective actions on their productivity, quality and efficiency.

How can Epoptia help your business grow?

Epoptia’s answer to the above challenge is based on the following pillars: Behind it there is an implementation team that understands the needs and culture of manufacturers. In having a robust platform on which manufacturers can base their production, as it is a flexible and adaptable solution that integrates into existing processes. Finally, in creating a strong support team with consistency and accountability and a holistic Cloud architecture, with the ability to scale multiple installations worldwide.

Epoptia MES is a greek startup that was born in production, from daily problems that the founder of the company faced and wanted to improve in order to develop his family business. 11 years after the first implementation of the software, the company exports by 85% to 25 countries, maintaining 2 production facilities! The Epoptia MES team knows very well what causes daily “headaches” for production managers. It is a Cloud-based, integrated & dynamic software that monitors and controls the entire production process, collecting information literally from everywhere in real time! With the use of tablets, mobile phones or computers, it becomes possible to perform and collect data from any operator without requiring special knowledge, with just 5 minutes of training, while through the App it enables managers to have access from everywhere. It uses industrial IoT to collect data from machines – PLCs, meters, sensors and printers.

Due to its principle of operation, it provides the possibility of full integration into existing processes, and bidirectional connection to any information system ERP, CRM or even Excel. With the flexibility of a Cloud application, Epoptia MES offers great advantages to manufacturers. (See more about Epoptia’s features here).

1. Manage & Execute paperless production with Greek Startup Epoptia MES

Management, coordination and monitoring of production processes are carried out using only digital solutions, in real time and with the ability to control production even remotely, from wherever the manager is. More specifically, the transfer of production information goes throughout the organization. Everyone can enter specifications and technical drawings, there is full traceability of production orders and automatic distribution of tasks inside the factory at the right priority and time. Thus, any problems/bottlenecks are identified immediately.

2. Time-Planning & Prioritization with Greek Startup Epoptia MES

Utilization of plant resources according to order priorities and resource availability is a primary function of the software, delivering “Lean Manufacturing” characteristics from day one of implementation. Epoptia has developed features such as production time-scheduling, which uses machine learning algorithms to provide completion time estimation. In this way, managers see available time per resource according to workload, and can “drag & drop” to dynamically change priorities and resource time availability, immediately seeing the impact on production. This is of utmost importance as managers can reallocate the right manpower to further optimize production. Also, they can ensure consistency in customer deliveries and efficient management of urgent production orders.

3. Business Intelligence with Greek Startup Epoptia MES

Through Epoptia’s suite of reports, as well as live dashboards, manufacturers have an immediate understanding of performance and they can better identify problems and bottlenecks and monitor KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). This results in improved productivity, reduced operating costs, improved quality and process optimization, fewer downtimes, and the acquisition of new talent in the business. For example, in a production of 15 operators we measured a gain of 140 hours from unnecessary communication, overtime was reduced to 60% and there was 500% faster decision making.

Is your job shop manufacturing business in need of a full solution regarding production planning and scheduling? Do you wish to try out a manufacturing execution software to see its benefits in increasing productivity and efficiency?

For more information, check https://bit.ly/3vYnb4f.

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