Capacity Planning

Real-time tracking, management & control for job shop manufacturing


Manufacturing Execution System (MES). What is it and its benefits

Grow Your Business With Confidence

Grow and scale your business feeling sure about your production.

With portable devices, transform your business from paper & excel sheets, into a “Smart” factory.

Capacity planning


Resource utilization depending on priorities and availabilities are a core function of the platform, providing “lean manufacturing” attributes from the first day.

Insert your nominal times and see the capacity of every resource Change capacity based on actual needs and utilize your resources to the maximum.

Take advantage of our Machine Learning algorithms and let Epoptia provide you with actual times per product and category.


A Proven Manufacturing Execution System

Advanced Scheduling

Epoptia utilizes your resources for the minimum availability loss depending on a target day, material throughput, and the availability of the previous production stages. It is a proven tool that reduces dramatically lead times, utilizes resources to a higher level, and improves deliverability.

With Drag&Drop, you can Re-Schedule your production orders and the system will provide delivery estimation upon your actions.

Urgent orders can be easily inserted and scheduled, with instant distribution on the shop floor.


Cloud MES, Operator screen in manufacturing

HAVE TOTAL control

From cutting machine up to final assembly, have total control.


Let your factory up and running without the need to be there.


Measure your production with performance indicators


Measure your actual production times

No Code Solution

Traceability & execution

Track your orders instantly & give digital work instructions. Automate your process with smart workflows and let the software distribute your orders accross the shop floor, in the proper time and prioriry.

capacity planning & Scheduling

Utilize your resources to the maximum. Insert your nominal times and see the capacity of every resource per day. Change priorities & capacity dinamically and see the impact instantly.

business intelligence

Analyse your manufacturing performance with a complete Reporting suite & KPIs. Record alarms & downtimes, make improvements and measure the impact.


Real-Time Monitoring

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