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Epoptia Platform

Manufacturing production software for assembly lines

From order entry to delivery, our manufacturing execution system provides you with complete production management, in order to control your process completely.

Cloud manufacturing. Order controlling and product tracking at a glance

In the main screen of Epoptia MES software, you can easily track the execution progress of any order and every product, sorted by delivery date.

In case of job delays or outdated orders, our manufacturing execution system warns production managers.

A complete solution, not just a software

We integrate Epoptia MES software into your factory functionality. Together, we organize and automate your production process according to your needs, assuring the quality of your products.

Although, there is more than that…

Enjoy the benefits of cloud manufacturing without extra costs for domain registration, storage, data safety, and renewals.

We are taking care of all those things!

Automatic workflows

Automate your production process with our interactive workflows. Set up the production cycle of your products by choosing from which workstations your products will pass through.

Send technical documents, notes, and specifications to your workstations instantly and without the need of physical presence. 

Increase your productivity by categorizing your products according to specific workflows.

Ease of use, user management, historical records

All screens, have been designed for a friendly user experience, distraction-free.

Depending on the workstation of each employee, the corresponding screens appear as Epoptia offers full user right management.

Through the historical records you may identify alarms, attached files, notes and specifications of any product from any client at any workstation.



Work distribution

Organize the tasks at your production process. Check out instantly your real workload, distribute work or staff depending on your needs.



Trace instantly at which workstation each product is manufactured. Be flexible and consistent by finding delays at forthcoming products deliveries.

Order progress

Get immediate information on the completion rate of your orders. Identify which ones delay and act quickly and efficiently.



Real time information about problems at the production and delivery delays. React efficiently to any problem and stay competitive.


Quality control

Increase your competitiveness with the use of our specialized quality control function. Assure your product and brand name, keeping your clients satisfied.


Program your production process only once. With every new order, just check it out and easily adapt the product to your client’s requirements.

Remote control

Control your whole manufacturing process, without your physical presence. Stay flexible and resolve complex issues in real time, from everywhere in the world.

Technical documents

Send technical document, designs, and drawings to any workstation. Communicate directly with an operator and add instructions and clarifications.

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