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Epoptia MES is a tool for visionary manufacturing companies, growth-oriented.

A Cloud-Based Manufacturing Execution System providing production management, supervision, and control, to manufacturers with discrete workstations and workforce.

Paperless production.

The distribution is done electronically via any device with internet access.

Throughout production, interactive screens are installed from where employees are informed about the jobs of the production plan, accompanied by technical documents, drawings, specifications, etc.

With the employee’s interaction with Epoptia platform, real-time information about production is collected. The total workload is accessible at a glance, while there is 100% production tracking for every product of any order.


Our Clients

  • Reduce decision times up to 80% 80%
  • Improve their production process functionality 70% 70%
  • Reduce their overtimes up to 90% 90%
  • Measure production times of their products, constantly 100% 100%
  • Measure employee’s productivity 100% 100%

Integration with ERP Software





You may think that it isn’t for you, but Epoptia MES is designed for your production

Send production orders, in less than 10 minutes, 

Discover your digital era of Industry 4.0

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Born inside production, forged by real needs.

You will be surprised by the everyday solutions that Epoptia MES is providing.

Literally, it will be your favorite companion in the everyday struggling with your production. The way it integrates with your production process and the tools for direct decision making and information finding is really amazing!

We have put our souls and experience into it, providing the best to our customers.

Epoptia’s Pillars

Personalized Solution

Epoptia MES has been manufactured in a way to Fully integrate into your production. From your production processes to your product specifications and drawings, you are invited in an Experience so useful and flexible that you cannot even imagine!

We often call it, the Collaborative software because Epoptia work’s with you and not vise Versa.

Either you use EPR Software for your production or not, we got you covered. We are Industry 4.0 based & syncing ready!

Super Ease Of Use

Yes… Your employees can use it!

Epoptia manufacturing execution system is designed for production employees with a low educational level and it is multilanguage. This means that no matter the nationality, your employee will use it, in its native language.

For you, it so easy as your phone!

Customer Support

Our knowledge base is super analytic and able to guide you to use and setup Epoptia MES.

Opening an account, you will be guided by targeted videos explaining and showing the philosophy of Epoptia. 10 min is needed!

Whenever you need help, we are here for you! From the proper setup of your production to something that you want to change.

Just contact us, via our ticketing system, chat, email or phone.

Intelligent  Manufacturing is not a privilege but a right

Epoptia’s plans & pricing are designed to fit your needs, with 1 – 2 months Return On Investment.

Either you are a small or medium-sized manufacturer or a big enterprise, we hear your needs and provide flexible and cost-effective plans.

Manufacturing industries

  • Inox & metal construction
  • Sheet metal works
  • Beverage
  • Aluminum & wooden frames
  • Electrical equipment
  • Assembly lines

And every other manufacturing industry with discrete workstations and manforce.

Recent Projects

Furniture Manufacturing

Proffesional Kitchen and wood processing

At Aspropyros, Attika


Production management and tracking of every melamine

At Arta, Artis


Battery assembly line management and tracking

At Verona, Italy

We know, that you want the best for your company and we are here to support you!

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