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Cloud Manufacturing Execution System

Upgrade your production process management to paperless production


Enter the 4th industrial revolution by using Industry 4.0


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What is Epoptia and how it is applied?

Epoptia is a manufacturing execution system for the management, supervision and control of the production process for businesses with discrete workstations and human resources.

It upgrades the way production orders are handled. The distribution of printed jobs is done electronically by enabling the control and management of production from the computer screen or any other device with internet access.

Throughout the production, interactive screens are installed from where workers are informed about the tasks defined in the production program and are accompanied by technical documents, drawings, clarifications, etc.

Through employee interaction with Epoptia, valuable information on production is collected. Total workload is accessible at a glance, while there is 100% production tracking for every product of each order in real time.

Smart manufacturing

Industry 4.0


The 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, is the standard followed by the Epoptia Cloud MES software. Purpose of the software is to facilitate and promote, connectivity and communication between the different levels of the enterprises, while collecting information and data for the production.

Through data collection, production performance is monitored while productivity measurements are continually being carried out.

By that means production managers, manage their production more efficiently and improve it’s process, based on their own actual data, while greatly reducing production costs and decision times.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it
Peter Drucker

Benefits for manufacturers


Production Line Management & Product Life Cycle Tracking

Manage your assembly production line from your plant or remotely from your mobile phone. Program your works. Track your product’s life cycle from your screen, without walking around your facilities in order to gather that valuable information.

Reduce Production Costs & Optimize Performance

With our cloud based MES software, find out which workstations delay and which of them need enhancement. Gather important information and optimize manufacturing process, while reducing production costs.

Speed, Agility & Consistency For Your Clients

With a glimpse of the software, control your workload. Locate work bottlenecks, several days before delivery dates. Be agile by distributing workforce whenever is needed, share jobs and stay consistent with your customers.


Quality Assurance & Increase Competitiveness

Ensure your product’s quality and your brand name, with the use of our control mechanisms. At the same time standardize your products and the way your production line works, increasing the competitiveness of your business.

Work Paperless & Eliminate Βureaucracy

Our MES software provides you with the ability to manage and inspect the execution of every product in any order, without the use of printed documents or complex spreadsheets, right from your screen. Every movement or operation is stored in a totally secure database.

Operational Qualification & Performance Maximization

Predict and deal quickly with bottlenecks and line breaks in your manufacturing process. Respond directly and effectively to problems and damages, wherever you are through our cloud based MES software. Ensure uninterrupted operation, maximizing performance.

Minimize human mistakes and oversights

Track the work that each employee performs through our innovative way of screen projection and work confirmation. Our cloud based MES software provides you with technical records like images, pdfs and instructions increasing employee efficiency.

Total Integration Without Modifications

Epoptia Cloud MES software integrates your business operations at all levels. It syncs with the existing computerized systems, and can easily integrate ISO encoding and control into its operation. The functionality of your plant is being upgraded, without changes.

Our Vision

Provide equal access to high technology even in small and medium-sized businesses in order to continue their operation more efficiently, evolve and grow.

We are referring to the manufacturing industry

  • Inox & metal contrustion
  • Sheet metal works
  • Beverage
  • Alouminum & wooden frames
  • Electrical equipment
  • Assembly lines

And all the other manufacturing industries with discrete workstations and human resources.

Manufacturing Industries

Complete solution for manufacturers


Implementation Study

We stay close to your needs and study different aspects of implementation for your manufacturing assembly line. Reaching the best results, dedicated to your needs.


Total integration

Epoptia MES software is synchronized with your own computerized system without the smallest changes. Our main concern is to help you grow your business with minimum alternations and absolute safety.

Application Customization

We customize Epoptia MES software based on your own needs and functionality. For us, every manufacturer is an organization that we understand and respect.

Commissioning & Training

We undertake the starting up of the MES software with analytical tests that guarantee full functionality of your assembly line. Before delivery, we train your own staff and provide full access to our knowledge base with complete documentation and videos.


Our goal is to build strong business relationships with trust. We stay close to our customers’ needs in any case. The safety and the functionality of your assembly line, are primary goals for us.

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